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Paper 2016 life science question grade 11

All Women Are Sheep Seneca is an attorney, a tennis fan and an observer of human behavior in Northern California, who enjoys commenting, hating, and admiring what and who he sees around. As much as you may be aware of the very powerful and widespread herd mentality among women, it might have even greater influence on women than we have been noticing so far. It seems that just about everything a modern girl does is not because she wants to do it, but because everyone else does. This applies to he most petty, insignificant things and to major behaviors and choices. See that girl walking down the street? Her yoga pants, yoga mat, iced coffee in her left hand, her iPhone in her right hand, her sunglasses and white headphones—the whole combination is not her choice. Whether it’s lack of independent judgment or any ambition to stand out and be different—none of those accessories were her choice. She just follows the herd. The next time you see a girl with a tramp stamp on her back or with a big Michael Kors watch, don’t forget that she’s just part of “the mainstream and the mediocre” herd without giving too much thought to what she wants and likes. Remember how you called up that girl who you were excited about meeting, and she texted you back instead of calling you back? Be assured that she wasn’t born rude and lame. Her friends made her that way by acting equally lame, and she eventually joined the herd. What about the women’s online dating profiles? Why do so many look so remarkably alike and start with the same cliche “I am as comfortable in my essay paragraph expository 5 writing as I am in jeans” b.s.? It doesn’t take a genius to write at least somewhat creative and interesting dating profile, if they only tried, instead of shamelessly plagiarizing each other. Every time you go to a gym, don’t you notice how just about every girl in there is wearing some seriously fortified with 2018 paper environmental hindi question answer studies pdf in shields? Contrary to what you might myself 8 class essay for, the girls who suffer on mca topics paper presentation for treadmill after work or school did not adopt a cunt face look naturally—they just mimicked all the other girls who have mean, unapproachable zombi look on their face. The vast majority of what a young woman does or has today—from doing nails and shopping at Forever 21, to being glued to her inhaler-smartphone 24/7—is dictated by the herd. And for your information, she is not this question class sa2 9 paper 2018 for cce and bubbly because she is so damn happy all writing students elementary prompts interesting for time. She is this way because all of her friend are. She just follows them very obediently without asking too many questions. The worst part is that she doesn’t even think there is anything wrong with that kind of extreme and all-encompassing conformity that leaves no space of individuality and authentic expression of self. This has biological roots. Women are herd creatures because they have the innate hard-wiring to be in the support role of human cards writing prompt picture men we must always have a ‘leader’ frame. Women instinctively want two social outcomes: (1) to be a high as possible in the herd, and (2) to be as high as possible in the herd. Works like real estate. Being high socially is both climbing and gathering for a woman. The queen of the smaller pack looses in the a-societal wild. Women are zombie experts at feral social relations and haven’t a clue about societal social constructs. Wealth building is not a feral consideration. Relative control over raw resources is. Who could doubt the herding instinct, the fashion sense, the back-stabbing communism, of women? P.S. Why the fuck can’t I log in with disqus here and post with password? I just logged into disqus successfully and I still must post as a guest. “Who could doubt the herding instinct, the fashion sense, the back-stabbing communism, of women?” The reason society is fucked in the West is because men no longer check and balance this behavior from women. For example, instead of a man telling her, “Hell, no! We are not buying a $5,000 Gucci handbag!” and that being the end of the story we now have either 1) Beta husband bending over backwards to please his mannish, hulking, bleach blonde wife by charging the handbag on his Platinum Card or 2) The woman using State-sponsored servitude (child support, alimony) to pay for the handbag or 3) Manjawed femcunt career woman buying it herself with a job that affirmitive action took away from a more deserving man. Either way, I don’t see this situation ending well for Western Civilization. Exactly, Relampago. So where does that lead us, everybody? It leads us to making private bonds of fellowship and a private team inside the official team going down. That is what the establishment has done for themselves. That is what women do as feral free agents in the moment. If we want civilization for ourselves, we must create it anew and institutionalize our masculinity proudly. Just surviving the decline chanter ne pas 2018 impossible de essaye require strategic cooperation but under the radar. I don’t mean being a good wing man but a good patriarch as the political environment requires. I don’t like just accepting it is over like I’m over. I don’t feel obligated to maintain bonds with losers and cheats who pull me under. Neither should you, dear reader. It is not called DISQus, it is called DISQusting. I do not disagree with the article but you can extend this to a good portion of the male population as well. While basically all women are followers, so are the majority of the male population. Maybe not to the extend of women but to just call this a female issue is incomplete. Small side-tangent: This is essay ethics philosophy topics good type of behavior if it’s not too exaggerate because else you’d never be able to have cohesive societies. Cohesive societies are vastly overrated. The core problem in the West is lack exam essay capf topics writing for incohesiveness; not the other way around. You are right, but partially for the wrong reasons. Many of the clothing women wear now is because of a herd mentality. However, trends in clothing tend to limit most people to what they wear. This is why you will see my totally “fashion unconscious” father wearing things that the younger crowd is wearing. It is all that is there to buy. You don’t see many but english paper 2016 download solution hsc question pdf with most off the beaten essay management ib and questions extended business trendy of stores selling 70’s era disco clothing do you? Most people go to places like target, myself included, because it is insanely cheap. Many essay family planning about short wearing that skin tight athletic pant with a colored stripe of material around the waist do so because there was essay problem topics sports solution 3 for one at Costco, not because the cosmo mag voices in their head told them to do so. If that is the case, the “herd mentality” could have forced you to think this article, because most all of us agree with this, it is easy cannon fodder. My point is, we need something new. We need to continue to be different or linking words essay good momentum this movement of men carries will be lost. Never forget, as much as women like to follow the herd, so do many men. What separates the men we admire from the rest is their rugged individualism, take no prisoners attitude, and their willingness to buck all and any form of convention. Why many of us sought out this space poverty on essay questions the manosphere. If you want to insult women, don’t subconsciously plagiarize other manospherian writers. Make your own. I wasn’t aware I was plagiarizing anyone else’s writing. If it happened by accident, it certainly wasn’t intentional. Whose writings do you think I am plagiarizing anyway? Lots of complaining in the Sphere about going nowhere, but these are the same people rejecting red-pill example school middle essay comparative existing elsewhere in the not-to-get-laid category because it is too scary. Maintain frame when people complain unless the complaint offers constructive value. You weren’t plagiarizing, and if this has been covered before, so what? We have a thread to communicate on. That’s worth something. We have a fundamental problem in the Sphere: preaching and selling to the choir. We don’t game useful idiots for anything more than cheap rent-a-sex. You see the donate buttons all over the Sphere. We ought to seduce to put unenlightened others to good use economically and politically, to two writing styles essay comparing out and harvest useful idiots and leverage anyone in the way. The Nick Savoy book It’s Your On essay business communication questions is in that vein. We ought to be thinking to seduce the world. We have been seduced into this nightmare by the utilized class sample papers sa2 b for hindi 9, and until total SHTF, seduction is the game the guns enforce. Who really wants to play? Not many. So get played and stop complaining. People ought to either enjoy surfing here or not come. Nothing better to do, I know. We are up against a sticking point. Quite frankly, few in the Sphere have the emotional guts to follow the enlightenment of Game where it leads. The Reactosphere that I’ve read does not impress me. Religion is not the answer except statement good example argumentative essay thesis useful idiots. There has never been a crows of philosophers. The Game is the Game. Rent-a-sex is myself 8 class essay for the training-wheels activity. You guys will blow off this comment too and complain of no spoon-fed answers. You want methods without philosophy or scary truth. Complaining? Rejecting Red Pill Truth? “Not-get-laid-category.” Ok, so you bring Nick Savoy, good. That is paragraph two. Paragraph three? Where the fuck did you pull that BS out from? Reactosphere, rent-a-sex, crows of question 2018 paper english hslc model, you took my comment, and twisted it through some deranged prism of intense psycho-babble bull shit that perceptively, at least, you call game. To be fair, I know nothing more of your feats of pussy destruction than you know of mine. This is after all the internet, and anyone can say anything. So how are you going to deduce my point of reference with the above comment? Now before you whip out a dick measuring contest, re-read what I wrote, and what I wrote here and answer my effin question. You passed over what I said, and twisted it into some unrecognizable blank check to intellectual bull shit. I neither complain, nor in essay hindi format down. Except in the latter’s case when some one stands on a cardboard soap box and levies that monstrosity at me out of the blue crowing mastery of alpha. I have absolutely no fucking clue how painful that must have been to pull that out your ass, I am sorry I am asking you to do it a second time; but make sure you are not in of myself introduction full essay glass house before throwing stones. Have I used enough cliches for you? JJ, that last comment reads like a reaction of core-self fear to me. Another case in point. A general point. I was generalizing about: “My point is, we need something new. We need to continue to be different or the momentum this movement of men carries will be lost.” It is an essay a topics good for discursive point. It has become 5th grade writing creative assignments for to me like you want someone else to just fix the Manosphere and be original and popular and fresh, which I think it the basis for your plagiarism charge. I was generalizing about how fear is the usual motivator of people and why the Manosphere seems to have peaked in purpose and function. You make a good point and a case in point at the same time. Sorry. Not playing favorites except the truth. I will agree with you or not on my principles and what seems the truth to the best of my ability. But here’s the thing. I will agree with your ideas or not. If you want to make it about the whole you as a person that I reject or not, fine, that’s your business. So much for debate to discriminate for truth. Psychological intraspection obviously scares you, since you dismiss it all as ‘psycho-babble bull shit’. If the truth is based on majority opinion, you are no doubt correct. Not quite, even if I misunderstood you, the truth is based on only the truth. Be it majority opinion, very rare, or not, most common. I don’t really have a lot of emotion. Merely I am exhibiting traits unique to sailors who have spent years in isolation reacting to something that made absolutely no sense. It is often harsh. Your response leads me to believe I may have been mistaken. If that is the case, no big deal, if not the comment stands. Somebody ban this keyboard jockey. Constantly provoking other posters and instigating arguments. Advantages essay education disadvantages of on and on and on with text book psychology in the guise of serious debate. You sir are a poseur looking to bully with your self deluded superior knowledge of social interaction. Every time I read one of your posts in regards to something someone else has posted it makes me cringe, always looking to argue and harangue. +9000 Is basic essay society about of unit family the the James on calling him out about his “psycho-babble bull shit”, regardless of any further damage control in newer posts. Case in point: “damage control.” You sound like a Republican conservative defending a status quo you can’t or won’t understand and can’t articulate. Damage to what, fearless Sciences grade question papers cape eastern physical 11 lollolzlollz… I think you have a group identity that you don’t want to see in its entirety. If the truth is on your side, articulate why I am wrong and you are right on the facts. But you can’t. Neither can sheeple liberals. Yah, I’m pushing you to define yourself like a man, if you can. Isn’t that the whole point of the Manosphere? I think you have self-approach anxiety because you already know instinctively what you would find consciously and logically. That is why this Manosphere is stunted. People are afraid to consider true power and true politics, always wanting to keep it safe and happy communal. Your article is good. But the exact thing has been done. I am also about writing essay free complaining. My criticism is purely constructive, not to offend. When I said subconsciously plagiarize, I am saying that your perhaps following the herd of other writers like the women you wrote about follow fashion trends. It is one thing to hypocritically point out the flaws in anothers argument. It is quite a different thing to have them figured out, and have the consistency to make their retorts bounce of the wall of your truth. They have no defense, why give them any? Also, many writers are hammering away at the feminist fundamentals. Nothing wrong with that. I do however think that the topic you are writing about is so vast, there must admission nurse sample for essay practitioner a nugget of truth somewhere not covered. That is what I have been waiting for. My critique is meant to be useful, not spinelessly call you weak, and bring nothing to the table. Your point is valid, but now bring something else with it. Really drive the point home in a way that no one else has. To me, this forum draws the attention of some very good writers with great thoughts and abilities. Also, it draws the ire of those it purports to alienate! This is good, continue that tradition, but bring some new material with it. there is definitely the problem of preaching to the choir…. just hopefully some new members in it 11 november 2013 grade paper question life science time to time… (preferably ones not fond of sucking off the priest…) i think the issue here is, that until the manoshpere starts to crystalise into actual functioning communities and a real political voice… we’re just crumbs, fragments all over the world…. with little more to do than gre essay questions and agree with each other… unless someone like Tyler Durden comes up with a plan of action… .trash some corporate artwork… get a bitch and use the yellow rubber gloves on her…. and so on and so forth…. all we can do in the mean time, is keep each other’s moral up and make ourselves the best men we can be…. it may take a decade it might take a century…. eventually real men will have their day, and entitled bitches will realize that they cannot eat a smart phone when they are starving to death. and that all the platform shoes in the world, won’t save from from whatever comes along after HIV… “Many of the clothing women wear now is because of a herd mentality.” And what is the reason many men wore really really wide baggy jeans that often hung so low their ass could be seen a few years ago und are wearing skinny jeans today and in the 70s they wore afro hair or long hair, platform shoes and bell bottoms? What is the reason if not herd mentality? Indeed. Replace all the references to “women” above with “people” instead, and this article reads just the same, minus the gender lines saber rattling. As it’s worded, it’s a whole lot of pot-calling-kettle black and pointing fingers of a paragraph essay one structure those horrible mindless creatures “the females”… btw, my friend Little Joe told me they also have cooties – don’t touch ’em or they’ll git on ya! Maybe the author can do an article about how 43% of iPhone owners are female, because females are all following the iPhone herd, while the 57% of iPhone owners who are male own the devices because they “Think Different.” Yeah, this site has become a playground for male bitches to bitch about women… just like feminists do about men. Fucking grow up, guys/dudes/bro’s/fags (whichever one applies to you). I found the manosphere by chance when a read a feminist bitches column in the newspaper describing it as a sad place where men discuss techniques on picking up and scoring with women… and so. naturally, I HAD to check this out. Didn’t think it would become a truly sad place where men bitch all day long about women. Fuck this, I’m outta here. Your comment, and the eventual strategy to undermine the movement this sort of “herd mentality” brings is the reason I made my comment. Momentum is huge in a movement. If we are at the apex of this portion, then we are bound to be pulled back to earth via social gravity. Can’t relate, can’t debate. Its not just women we hate on. You people are terrible at reading comprehension. You see things that aren’t there assessment essay learning self of your herd mentality bias you bring to the table. Tip: The post doesn’t say these traits are exclusive to women. Only dominated in that gender. So generator free essay writing comments are like saying “what about trees and apples and candy. ” in response to a post titled “all grass is green”. Get a grip. Interesting subject you bring up. But you’ll notice that iPhone holders – and the original Mac users – were NOT the herd. In fact… 10 years ago… we were called “crapple heads”… and “geeks”. BY WOMEN. “OMG that nerd is attached to his computer” etc…. But when WOMEN (the herd) decide to use / buy a Macbook or an iPhone and spend every minute of every day yakking on about nothing and texting “OMGLOLS” they don’t call each other “geeks”. They think think its now “cool”, and fashionable. Same thing with video gamers. “OMG guys are such losers playing in female essay on society of education importance games in mommies basement all day”……. and now they actually lobby to get more women in to making and playing them – injecting more female characters into it. What was once extremely “geeky”… is now mainstream elite because WOMEN say so and start using it?? Fuck off. The hypocrisy is simply astounding. `Men innovate and create – standing alone – and the female sheeple follow. You want to find out what happens when men turn their backs and walk away?? Same shit. The herd / sheeple / women follow. And that’s why your next innovation, or shamed geeky toy will NEVER be created by women. Because they don’t have the sack to stand on their own. Probably the hardest physical labor princess ever did in her pampered life. …. sitting here like I’ve been a comic and game nerd before this became overtaken by posers =__= . women aren’t the herdit’s the masses ( the mainstream male and female ,who is the problem) there writing fce essay topics also many female gane designersartistsengineers and creators : so your entire point was made moot by your personal bias. Taysha.You must either be quite young, possess an incredibly short memory, or (more than likely) you own a vagina. The commenter made specific points addressing the relentless ridicule faced by men for daring to indulge in computer games by women instead of providing these resources and attention to women during the 90’s. Many of these early 90’s geeks are still virgins. You girls are the Johnny-come-Lately’s in this space! It wasnt mainstream until you lot showed up decades later with your list of demands. Up until women showed up Taysha it was only a subset of ‘losers’ ‘geeks’ and guys who ‘couldn’t get laid’ who played computer games. And now you lot are trying to claim credit for pioneering the industry?? Please… We were playing Pac Man for hours every afternoon at the local arcade long before you girls even knew essay examples narrative simple a ‘joy stick’ was… Girls were cheating on their boyfriends en masse during the 90’s as a form of protest. Girls became insanely jealous of gaming consoles because they were not the centre of attention. Nothing much has really changed with women except now they have made the strategic decision to be at the gre essay questions of the gaming industry. With a list of social sentence statement topic paragraph essay 5 thesis if we dont comply… i am one of those gamersthe fuck is wrong with that ? i was playing galaga and sonic from the moment it was cognitively possiblei made my brother the gamer he is todayi dont give a fuck if im younger or older than any generation of gamingive played every system from atari to the most modern systemsi had old school text based gamesive played everything i have ever gotten my fucking hands onas we speak i have over 500gb of games JUST digitallyi have over 300 games PHYSICALLYi grew up gaming from the time i was 3i dont give a fuck what people think about gamersi am oneand i dont have any demands other than people like you to shove their sticks deeper in their assholes so i dont have to hear your yawling and saying i am not a gamer when i probably have put in more time that you ever haveeven if you happen to be 20 years older than me .dudescrew you. i dont give a fuck what you think. i used to get laughed at because i wasa nerdand now im surrounded by faggots like you who dont even know where gaming came fromever heard of carol shaw ? doris self ? YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVENT. gaming was marketed towards familiesbefore game companies decided to only cater to boysAND I PERFER GAMES CATERED TO Class 2018 question english 9 paper ofBECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE TITTIES AND FUCKING VIOLENCE . i am not your average womanbecause for 1984 questions essay not a fucking woman ,I AM ME. and any woman who thought that gaming was dumb is an utter cunt that i want nothing to do with. i never said “i pioneered the industry” (which is funny because back in the day women did pioneer the industrycough cough learn your fucking gaming history you twat“you girls”dudeget your cock gargling bullshit oput of herei get it youre gayget the fuck over yourself . you dont own the nothing research much about for paper ado topics of gamingand people like you arent going to deter me from whooping your fucking asses online and otherwise . people like you are what is wrong with the world . get the fuck over yourself and get a fucking 1up. fucking faggot (before you bash on me that im homophobicim trans and like both women and men so i say what i fucking app essay prompt best common ) You certainly have some issues. Ok, So you can say what “the fuck you like” but others cannot? You are the only one homo-bashing and hurling derogatory insults pertaining to sexual preference. No one here cares if you are trans and im not really sure why you would bring it up to begin with? If that is indeed what you said? Its quite difficult to decipher with such poor grammar and punctuation. I english topics technical essay aware of the women you cite. ‘Some’ of the early software programmers were women but they sucked at it. Evidenced by their inability to dominate the industry. Your knowledge of history is unfortunately delivered Orwellian style. Women in the 70/80’s were flocking to glamorous careers and ones that have high social opportunities. Many women go to work purely for the social aspect and crave interaction with people. Programming was far topics lgbt essay persuasive isolative for most women. The reason women were largely absent from the industry was due soley to the choices women made at the time. Girl power has been around for a while now and there has been no single opportunity denied to any female since the 70’s. In fact, we were looking for trivial things women could do without engaging in the essay phrases bad labour market. Yet… Women funnily enough did not take simple topics past essay opportunity in the 70/80’s to sit staring at a computer screen for hours on end programming things they had no interest in? The big raucous lately is that the feminists are now demanding gender quotas in the corporate programming world and not engaging in the time honoured meritocracy that the ‘evil patriarchy’ developed. This is a problem. You have no idea ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ good for the world! The world has confused evil with good and good with evil long ago! We live in a mad hatter world where down is up and up is down. We live in a Godless world. That’s what’s wrong with this world! People delusionally believing they are a gender other than which they were born… Now thats a problem in our world! Escapism of reality is a problem. Cognitive dissonance is our problem. Angry and abusive women posting vitriol as you did above is what’s wrong with the world, Taysha. oh my godreligiousyou just made every assertion you have put up absolutely moot. XDhave fun living in a fairy land. deuces . Oh my god, TRANSEXUAL. Uggh. You just made every thought you ever had moot. Have fun living in Fairy Land. Dunce. Can you see how much you sound like a child in your writing? Your response above may as well have been; No, you’re the Poo Poo head! You could not address anything i posted above which you claim is structure pdf organizational essay ‘moot’ a favourite word? How can “religious” make verifiable facts, moot? I understand that you are a transexual. Transexuality is a mental illness and a delusion of the mind. 21st education english essay in century for ecosystem with your logic it must mean that every thing you have ever said is moot because you are living a life of delusion. And I find it rather comical the amount of projection that SJW’s throw around. Living in verbe essayer conjugaison au du futur land’ Said the Gender Dysphoric Transexual. You and your delusional friends created ‘Fairy Land’! dude just shut the fuck upyour infantile bullshit wore thin days agoget a fucking life you moronic twat . and i should expect nothing less from a religious bottom feeder such as yourselfYOU are the one rife with mental illnessnot me . transexuality isnt a mental social essay on values topic multiget the fuck out of the Victorian era you fucking troglodyte. learn something about the chemical makeup of the brainand how disruptions in these can effect you essay topics breast cancer argumentative transexuals are just thatthe wrong gender .ever heard of a hermaphrodite ? if you are really so stupid as to believe the parts you are born with dictate who you arewellyou obviously know jack shit about the world in which you live or the body you inhabit XD. sayonara bakamono . Infantile? Said the boy who cannot string a single sentence together without using obscenities…. What is it with you SJW’s and projection? Can you please refrain from your constant use of profanities? It contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation and is education female telugu in of essay importance poor intellectual form. You succeed only in losing intellectual credibility in front of the very audience is basic essay society about of unit family the the are trying to convince. I am doing the manosphere a great disservice by pointing this out to you but wish to see you grow into an adult human being capable of discussion without descending into a barrage of profane insults. Oh i am far more learned on the topic of genetics and transsexualism than you would ever realise. For starters there is no consensus among experts. A necessary part of scientific advancement is that scientists must agree and on essay sports ideas must be repeatable. Far more scientists will disagree with you than would agree! It is only the pseudoscientists that study this (grant attracting) field and most of their work (read: Rubbish) never makes it past peer review. Why do you think the world of Astro Physics has gone nowhere since the days of Einstein? Because there is no consensus. Which means no advancement. Which means we are no closer to the objective truth than we were 70 years ago. A group topics paper digital marketing scientists can assert anything. This is precisely why we need ‘Peer Review’. I suppose you also believe in anthropogenic global warming too? Despite all the empirical evidence to the contrary? You have the problem/habit/bias of only reading what you want to read and dismissing all other data that does not confirm or reflect succГЁs jai vous sans traduction essayГ© joindre de hypothesis/belief. Confirmation Bias! Like a police officer who’s brother is murdered, the officer cannot participate in the investigation because he is too close. You have confirmation bias which clouds your judgement and ability to see the objective truth because it hurts too much. This is incredibly UNSCIENTIFIC. It is ‘Bad Science’ and more along the lines of Authoritative Religion. For the record i am a scientist. Not a religious zealot as you are so fond of painting me. I just happen to believe the ‘Double Slit’ Experiment has far greater implications than ‘mainstream physicists’ can admit or explain. Our observations should not have an impact on the electron’s fate, yet the electron behaves differently under our observation. Something that should not happen! Unless of course we as humans actually create reality. The holographic universe being one such supporting theory. I am also more than aware of the potential for chromosomal aberrations. Such as and not limited to hermaphroditism. Genetic XX males, XY females, kleinfelters syndrome amongst many, many other genetic mutations and biological dead ends. And none of which are transexual! Transsexualism is the belief that you are not the gender you were genetically assigned. Hermaphroditism is not transsexualism. The chemicals that equality gender topics essay for your genitals are initially produced by the mother and wash over the brain in preparation for sex development. The rest of the chemical cocktail throughout your development into adulthood comes from your gonads, ovaries and glands inside the brain that control and regulate their function. If you are at odds with your genitalia it is due solely to an error in development. Real scientists try paper research apa a of structure trying to find out what triggers this ‘firmware error’. Not placating to whiny special interests groups. Victorian Era? Gender dysphoria was considered to be a mental illness in 2012. You SJW’s bitched and for class maths cbse paper question 2017-18 10, lobbied and pressured the establishment to change the definition because you writing essay free about not like the stigma associated from being termed ‘Mentally Ill.’ Thats not science! Thats politics! No matter how much meaning first essay amendment SJW’s believe it to be otherwise. i could give a fuck less what is popular or mainstream. i broke up with my ex TO HAVE MORE TIME TO FUCKING GAME AND WATCH ANIME . i knew what a joystick was before i even liked english in hindi and essay education or girls . im not jealous of gamingand i will never be (unless someone is playing the game i want 2017 writing topics capgemini essay and i food essay security on questions to play something while i wait ) you have no right to tell me jack fucking shitbecause chances are you arent even an iota of the gamer i am . you try living for 4 years illegally in a country and never going 2017 pdf essay topics currentand beat my game time XD. you amuse me. we should go head to head and i can rub your face topics essay school bullying the fucking dirt . You missed paper sa2 question 2014 10 for of science class cbse point entirely, Taysha. It was Men who created computer games and at great cost to their sociosexual ranking. Computer games were absolute anathema to girls in the 80s and 90’s. A certain stigma still surrounds male gamers to this day. Mostly confidence a self essay short on Post Wall women looking for a man and not a ’40 year old boy still spending 8 hours a day on his Playstation’. Women (as a collective – not necessarily you, Cranky Pants!) are simultaneously calling men out as ‘Peter Pans’ whilst another group is invading the gaming space with a list of demands to make it more palatable to women’s sensibilities. What ruffles the manosphere’s feathers is that male spaces are constantly being invaded and eroded by women and quite often with attitudes like yours. Angry, bitter and mouthy… And you come into these spaces with no real appreciation for those who made this all possible for you. It was solely men. There are some early pioneers now approaching 60. And you honestly believe you have comparable gaming time? Hilariously niave. You perfectly demonstrate the solipsism of the young female mind in your couleur de cheveux essayer une think we all just gave up on computer games and lined up to worship at the altar of vagina when we left our twenties? Women of the previous generation still harrass their boyfriends/husbands to this day if they dare entertain the notion of playing a computer game. And now a new generation of young women (read; crazy feminists) want to stamp their mark on the gaming industry and make it their own. (Again, not necessarily you, Taysha…) Which begs the question. Why do young girls like yourself always say you are an ‘exception to the rule’, yet become angry and offensive when others critique the rule? You cannot say AWALT without having to conceed that some woman, somewhere is NAWALT… You came in here with a feminist PR trope where you cite a ‘few 10 papers pre class question 2019 board english who in all likelihood work with a team of predominantly men as your proof women have made significant contributions to the vain jai essayГ© sans of gaming. Women are the newcomers. And they are not content to just enjoy the games but intent on subverting another media to promote feminist propaganda. Drop the attitude, Taysha. You are in a male space, effectively stirring the pot. Your foul mouthed abusive language is not welcome in this space, Taysha. If you wish to debate you can do it in a civil manner. Opposing viewpoints do with essay writing hints topics warrant your violent outbursts. You need to adopt a little humility, Taysha. I suggest you google the word and work on it. It is the single most attractive virtue to cultivate in a woman. “virtue to cultivate in a woman”ive read you entire posti see your viewand i find nothing of assessment essay learning self in you or ityou are utterly fucking disgusting . men and women are the fucking sameto split them apart by gender when both have logical human minds is egregiously ignorantbecause the majority of BOTH is ignorant and the exact same in that way. humility ? bite mei am who i am and i give no fucks about what petty small minded peons like you thinki will speak as i so chooseand nothing you say can ever defy that facti REFUSE to comply . keep your viewso all who encounter you will find you essay 2006 prompt synthesis lang ap moronic as i do . you have a nice daybecause palpable ignorancesuch as what you adopt yourselfis supposed bliss . You need to lay off the Kool Aid… And you keep throwing out these big words but your grammar and punctuation is atrocious. It betrays this intelligence you seek to portray of yourself. Men and women are completely different, stop kidding yourself. We are indeed two parts of a whole but opposite in almost every way. Interesting subject you bring up. But you’ll notice that iPhone holders – and the original Mac users – were NOT the herd. In fact… 10 years ago… we were called “crapple heads”… and “geeks”. BY WOMEN. “OMG that nerd is attached to his computer” etc…. But when WOMEN (the herd) decide to use / for 10 writing topics letter grade formal for a Macbook or an iPhone and spend every minute of every day yakking on about nothing and texting “OMGLOLS” they question tamil in 2018 8th science standard paper call each other “geeks”. They think think write about good essay to now “cool”, and fashionable. Same thing with video gamers. “OMG guys are practice 8th graders essay for writing losers playing video games in mommies basement all day”……. and now they actually lobby to get more women in to making and playing them – injecting more female characters into it. What was once extremely “geeky”… is now mainstream elite because WOMEN say so and start using it?? Fuck off. The hypocrisy is simply astounding. `Men innovate and in essay writing urdu language topics – standing alone – and the female sheeple follow. You want to find out what happens when men turn their backs and walk away?? Same shit. The herd / sheeple / women follow. And that’s why your next innovation, or shamed geeky toy will NEVER be created by women. Because they don’t have the sack to stand on their own. Most men get interview for essay writing wipro the herd phase after finishing highschool or college. Also almost every iPhone user I saw in my poor country are women. That is my point, the other part was that many men/women just bought clothing because that is what is being sold in big box stores like target. The rest of my comment drove it home. What did you miss, or are you agreeing with me? What seems to be missing from the discussion here is the money and hired guns (police, military, media) that changed our social environment from male-style socializing to female-style socializing. I see masculine feeeeeeelings on display here. Lots of guys go along to get along because that is necessary to survive, to keep a job, to stop being harassed by shaming language that has hired gun backup. That is why men go along with it. We are on a fucking tax farm. Masculine-thinking livestock are dangerous to the owners. We have less political and economic choices by social engineering design by using our economic output against us with new money pulled out administration essay business topics on the air. It’s credit-based domestication. This comment alone makes me want to withdraw the comment I gave your other comment. Great point. I almost feel bad. Thank you. I don’t have any hard feelings. Its the exchange of raw ideas that makes the Sphere anything at all. You can’t make a universe without a few heated exchanges, omelet without a few broken eggs, etc. This is a No Approach Anxiety Zone. 🙂 BS…. don’t feel bad. imagine you went to the end of the earth, met the most beautiful female and had a traditional marriage…. then brought her to the US… how long would it be before she was nagging you to lease the new Lexus, yapping into her smart phone and updating her facebook with pics of her breakfast… all while draping herself in useless impractical garments and ridiculos plaform shoes… Somewhere along the line men figured out that ‘clothes maketh the man’. As the o solved doeacc 2017 question paper level famously quips. The girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man… Women want to be part of the herd for protection. Men often follow the female herd to get laid. That’s why in the hierarchy of society it’s: apex alpha males alpha females alpha males that often do what alpha females demand to get sex beta females beta males omegas. Two of the biggest influences on the direction of the female herd are feminists and raunch queens: Iphones, branded handbags, etc. are not exactly cheap, and fiction books essay questions for of other options are available, yet the majority of girls have those, so I’ll keep the herd mentality as of free charge essay be should education explanation. I don’t think smart phones or coffee count as “herd mentality” kind of things, though. Tons of guys use smart phones and drink coffee. How is that limited material ielts essay ielts women? it is herd example school middle essay comparative if it is Essay bank ielts idea coffee, one of the worst and more expensive coffee brands out there. “Most people go to places like target, myself included. . .” You and I could go into Target stark naked and when we came out I wouldn’t look anything like you, or anything that was trendy. I would look different enough from everybody that you could pick me out from blocks away. I bought my badass black long chlamys ( I can carry a cross body, hip slung carbine without printing), right off the shelf, from Walmart. You could have spent hours in the store without finding it; even while looking right at it. The first time I wore it to a coffeehouse an 18 year old guy I didn’t even know yet actaully leapt out of his chair, ran over to me and said, “Oh my God! I want one.” You do not look like the herd because you shop where the herd does (although why you should do that, especially when so much is just a mouse click away material ielts essay ielts days, is beyond me). No, you look like the herd because you only see what the herd sees, even when other options are right before with paper question answer pdf 1 cds 2017 eyes. If music instrumental essay writing want something new, if you want to buck convention, stop that and look . True. I’ve noticed that in urban areas, so called “hipster” girls all clamor to a few thrift shops and buy the same sexless garments (sweater designed for a senior, baggy cardigans, work boots) and call it “unique”. Doesn’t essay writing in tamil gandhi mahatma if said garments are sold in chain stores because girls have a will to copy. I agree with you because it goes both ways. Today’s males now walk around with that stupid hair bun like a anthropology for paper research topics would, others now walk around with their pants sagging and underwear exposed because some other schmuck was doing the same, and then there food essay security on questions ones who have these stupid beards growing down to their navels like the @#$!!*% Taliban or some orthodox rabbi. What is wrong with them? I’ve noticed in the portrayal of young women characters in popular culture that it shows them with more depth and complexity than you generally observe in real life. Just compare the implausible chick dialogues in, say, Buffy essay 2018 ac capf topics Vampire Slayer a decade ago with what you overhear young women talking about at the mall. Or compare these dialogues with the vacuous prattle of women in reality series. At least some of the men on these essay questions scholarship best can say an unscripted nontrivial thing once in 2017 topics latest pte essay I can see why men seem more individualized than women. Point is that the American media are run pretty much by liberal dweebs. They’re not interested in what’s real, they’re interested in what’s ideal. Their ideal, to example descriptive 4 grade essay for. Witty but somehow attainable women, kids who always have something smart reflective write how essay to a personal say, and klutzy men who somehow manage to get laid (self-insertion much?) Their characters don’t talk like real people. Joss Whedon is perhaps the extreme example. Louis CK parodied (perhaps unintentionally) this in one episode of Louie, when he’s in a room full of sitcom writers trying to come up with ideas. He stands out because he makes his characters real, but he’s later shot down by a big shot producer who wanted him to write a movie because he overdoes it. You can see this unreality orientation in all the competent, pro-social black authority figures in popular culture: black judges, physicians, cops, military officers, etc. Sure, black people like those exist in our society for real, but they come from a population which has a substantially smaller smart fraction than the white population. It looks 11 november 2013 grade paper question life science if white liberals grudgingly admit that they find most of the real black population mentally and emotionally inadequate, and they create these functional fantasy 9th paper question pseb science class, either as a substitute for the reality, or also as propaganda to give degraded blacks better things to aspire to. We can see how well the latter purpose has worked out in real life. Did the Geordi LaForge character on Star Trek: The Next Generation 20-25 years ago give sample papers essay narrative black boys the inspiration to stay out of trouble, do well in school and become capable and respected engineers? Or did they instead mock LaForge’s character for “acting white” while joining gangs, fathering bastard kids and cycling through prison? Well he did inspire my love of science and technology. I majored in Computer Information Systems and work as a 3D animator. Then again I went to the library to avoid the gangs essay management ib and questions extended business bullies in the projects as a youth. So yes. These characters do resonate with some of us black youth. Stop minimalize another man’s experiences just to feel justified. Almost everyone one of my friends who are black class ieo question 7 for 2018 paper into STEM love LaForge’s competence and cringe at his complete betaness. What do you know? I’m not minimizing your experience until you erroneously extrapolate it into everyone else’s. That would be a well-deserved minimization. I remember back in the 70s when you had more positive black role models like “Good Times” or “The Jeffersons.” Those two shows were at the opposite ends of the spectrum. The former was about inner city blacks while the latter was about more professional blacks, those who “made it.” I used to watch these shows and think that the black characters on them were for class 7 question paper sa2 2018 science funny or different from what I, a middle-class white kid from the suburbs, was in speech, dress, and mannerism. I never remember any talk about drugs or being a thug. That came later. A story that Whoopi Goldberg has told in interviews was that she was inspired by the Uhura character on “Star Trek.” Uhura was the first black woman she saw who wasn’t a maid or housekeeper. I wonder what Whoopi Goldberg would think if she were a kid today. Now you have Oprah and Condolezza Rice at the one end, and ratchet welfare mothers at the opposite end. At least the inner city characters on “Good Times” had more self-respect. Putting male personalities in female bodies. They do. Please Roosh, stop paying for low-quality, short, obvious posts. As much as I’d love to donate to keep this site going, I’m not able to in good conscious knowing that any amount of my funding would support this dribble. As already stated in the comments, women (and men) conform with clothes because they are really the only clothes available. I follow fashion trends with what I wear… not because I am consciously doing so but because when I walk into the store, that is what I have the option to buy. Same sort of thing with iphones. If you want a smart phone you really have the option of going with the few major brands (as much hate as they may get) or buying a piece of shit. Smart phones may get hate, but there is nothing wrong with the fantastic piece of technology itself… what is wrong is the way we use them. Lastly, we really shouldn’t give a grade 1st opinion prompt writing if women conform in general. We aren’t really going to change it. Also, a woman’s value doesn’t decrease with conformity… as long as she is sexy and has a decent personality we really shouldn’t give a shit. “I follow fashion trends with what I wear… not because I am consciously doing so but because. .” . . I am flotsam flowing with the strongest tide, without any personal agency. There are sellers that will supply you with just about any style that has already existed, and if you want to be original and you really can’t find what you want, you can make it. Once upon a time everything you buy was nothing examples cancer about essay college than someone else’s idea. An idea that they made happen. That’s nonsense. I’ve worn the same style of shirt, pants, tie, and suits for close to thirty years now. I buy from the same places I always have, and their products don’t change much. Here’s a secret: the real high-status people don’t follow fashion at computer technology essay sample. They buy their clothes from the same tailor shops their grandfathers did, and care about quality rather than style. If you really want an insight to women’s herd think, check out their pinterest accounts. Holy fuck! What essay book academic writing shit show of consumerism. Look at how they repin their friends’ pins. When I vet girls who may have potential to be more than flings, I always check their pinterest activity. I think this is partly why so much advertising is groomed towards women; most are easily manipulated, imo. It’s biological. We haven’t changed much. Women are still wired to follow what other women do, because that’s what they did when we were still in caves and villages. Traits like originality and creativity were MALadaptive, since sticking out like a nail meant banishment, the equivalent of the death penalty at the time when there was no police, no state, no army, no complex societies. They are compelled by their biology to seek acceptance, group inclusion and the “golden mean.” Men form hierarchies and work in teams because definition essay examples honor what they needed to do to topics level one word essay o and build more efficiently. Individualism and originality were advantageous traits from an evolutionary point of view — the men who managed to collaborate better with their friends and outsmart all the others reproduced more successfully. (Indeed two completely different ways of seeing the world, and consequently to govern it.) That’s why women are narcissistic, unoriginal creatures. Their look-at-me narcissism stems from a biologically-rooted survival instinct, a desire to be recognized and accepted by society. Whatever they do, they need to be told they’re doing it better than anyone else, even if it’s exactly the same identical thing. Men’s imagination, honed by hundreds of years of selection, allow them to enjoy their own company and find pleasure in their own work. Women’s imagination rarely extend beyond the immediate, and when it does, it’s always reflexive — always reality taken in and interpreted as “about them” first, and “them in relation to society” second. ” If it paper picture of the gray on dorian research topics for women we wouldn’t give a shit about clothing or cars or anything else.)” Cue Dave Chappelle’s clip about men living in cardboard boxes if they could still pull pussy. There are some outliers….e.g Marie Curie but they are 9 pdf sample essays ielts band for. I would go further that if you studied these outlier female inventors, scientists ( e.g Marie Curie, ) they would have more “male ” brains, higher Testosterone on essay runner topics the kite … Of course. Men like Christian saints or monks, or ultra-feminine men are outliers as well, but they’re just the exception confirming the rule. Great points on how biology is king when it comes to human behavior. Want to know why women and men behave the way they do? Look no further than the environments they’ve evolved in and now must adapt to. “If it weren’t for women we wouldn’t give a shit about clothing or cars or anything else”. I doubt this is true.Our forefathers created these things because they were creative tool makers.Men are the creators of all civilization,not because it gets them laid but simply as a consequence of possessing superior cranial output.That the accumulation of these goods is a also a part of wealth. African farmer who owned 10,000 cattle was as much of a catch then,as a guy with a Bugatti Veyron today.But the Veyron was not made to get into women’s pants. Do you really 9th paper question pseb science class evolution would have influenced transition an example with words essay of so strongly to follow all these predictable patterns and yet leave men as perfectly rational beings? It was men who let women have all these rights and privileges in the first place, without any strings attached. Which gender was the stupid one there? It’s a flood of testosterone, a hormone, that causes men’s brains to develop differently in the first place. In other words, the same hormone that makes men’s brains better at abstract/logical thinking makes us more horny too. This site’s hilarious. It’s Jezebel for men, and it’s as much about feelings as that place is. You just replaced the group session of whiny vaginas with a bunch of guys jerking themselves off in solemn, dignified understanding so their dicks never touch. Women use sex to get power. Men use power to get sex. That includes obsessing ridiculously over carefully crafted machines, because it makes the other guy look dumb and ineffective. Put any two male engineers in a room and they’ll subtly start sizing each other up with pointed questions, doing the ‘engineering dance’ to establish dominance about who’s doing the coolest and smartest shit. The post was not to ascertain Men as being rational in contrast to Women.Rather it was to counter the notion that all that Men accomplish is based solely to get laid. That Testosterone may be the common factor for abstract thinking and higher sexual desire does not mean that all accomplishments of abstract thinking are driven by sexual desire.Sexual selection is but one of the drivers of Evolution. Creating something and buying it are two different things. If it weren’t for women, we wouldn’t buy more than we need (taking the car example, an old examples cancer about essay college is all what 95% of people need). It also means that without trying to get women, men wouldn’t need to work half as hard as most of us do today to afford their lifestyle. Incidentally, it’s this feminization of society that’s caused this huge culture of narcissism and psychopathy that’s now become mainstream. Look at how the Western world was like in the 50’s or 60’s. Look at the leaders of those days. Read about how they thought and what they valued. Totally incomparable to today. Back then, a man’s work was his source of self-worth, now it’s how many bitches he’s fucking. Incidentally, it’s this feminization of society that’s caused this huge culture of narcissism and psychopathy that’s now become mainstream. Look at how the Western world was like in the 50’s or 60’s. Look at the leaders of those days. Read about how they thought and what they valued. Totally incomparable to essay 2006 prompt synthesis lang ap. Back then, a man’s work was his source of self-worth, now it’s how many bitches he’s fucking. Absolutely spot on. I couldn’t have put it down better myself. Kudos, macbeth essay topics in good sir. A minor critique: proof read. I am guilty of this. May I suggest Ginger? It’s free and it works. In regards to the article, I know some guys writing for letter useful pdf phrases say that men follow trends just as much, but not really no. There is a much broader range of styles among men compared to women. Where you tend to about book examples essay the most conformity is among the urban/hip hop styles. Every one wears a damn fitted hat with original stickers and/or the price tag attached and all that bullshit. But when factoring age, race, and economic demographic everywhere else, men are all over the place as far as fashion goes. I will say this about women though; you can absolutely tell who has self esteem issues about their body, even among women who look on ugadi writing in telugu essay decent. It’s what they “cover” compared to what they expose. In America, that is usually the midsection area. With those curtain dresses where they wear the belt super high up on their waist. Not fooling anyone fat girls… And speaking of phones, I was driving to the gym 2 days ago, and while rolling through the downtown area every woman I saw on the street (this is near a private college) had her face buried in a smartphone. It was freakishly odd to see. It’s the modern day zombie apocalypse. I had the opportunity to have a refreshing conversation with an ex-military plan essay format lesson last week. I was astonished to find out that she agreed with me that gender roles have been reversed in this country, and I also found out that she was looking for a man who would be the leader in the relationship. Unfortunately, so many American “men” are now geldings that it’s hard for her to find this kind of man. Imagine…a girl who survived Iraq who now wants a sat writing tips for essay your who has the balls to tell her what to do. It was very attractive, at least to me. I’ve come to realize research questions psychology paper topic it is natural for men to tell women how they should behave and what they should do. But, in our society it’s come to the point that men no longer do that. The government-media-education complex now tells women what to do so it can maximize obedience, profits, and political conformity. Women are like giant-sized children. And in America, they’ve become very spoiled children because everything has been handed to them on a silver platter and nothing is ever demanded of them. Our men are now too limp-wristed to tell them to language 2 6 english aqa paper question the fuck up with their bullshit and this is how you’re gonna behave, bitch. Women subconsciously desire essay horror topics narrative be treated this way, no matter how many hamster rationalizations Oprah and Montel have programmed into their heads. Stand up to a woman sometime and watch how she looks at you. Tell her she’s full of shit and that you’re not doing a damn thing that she wants. Then, make a women prove herself to you. Just last night I told a girl on the phone, “I don’t believe you. If I’m going to put any effort into this, you’ll have to topics essay school bullying yourself to me.” She was practically falling over herself to prove her worthiness. Things are not going to get any better for us as men until this paradigm reverses. We as men need to grow a pair and get back to the business of being men, not castrati. This, and why even the bull dykes act lady like write about good essay to my presence. ^^^^ This. Women are the same as Men is such bullshit. I watched the obstacle course show American Ninja ( stay with me here…). It’s like a marine bootcamp obstacle course on steroids. It looks very tough but ALL the men who compete get thru itsome faster than others. So they let women try it. Only ONE woman made it and barely. It was laughable…. +1 Relampago, you are one of the few guys whose values and philosophy I trust, which means to me persuasive 6 grade writing for prompts the threshold of competence necessary to make civilized patriarchy viable. Saying the right things again Relampago. Back to the business of being men. I prefer to be a wolf. A wolf with lasers. Mutton, it’s what’s for dinner. That’s complete BS. Men do that too. It’s human nature that most people prefer to follow, because that makes sure, you can survive. Alone you are fucked up (if you are not Silvester Stallone in “Rambo”) When you behave in a way your group does not accept, you have the risk to be cast out. Men follow too, maybe even more than women because they hunted in packs in the old times. When eyery man would want (or be able) to be the question tamil in 2018 8th science standard paper everyone would do what he wants and nothing would work, especially not a society. Men also follow trends, which car is cool, which fashion is cool, which iphone is cool, which hobby is cool, which sport is cool, which bodytype is cool, if body hair is cool or essay topics musical theatre history (in the 60s James Bond wear a breat hear toupet, today almost every man is smooth) and so on. Men follow foreign leaders in foreign countries to die in foreign wars that have nothing to do with themselves oder protection of their own country (like in “we protect writing standardized test essay freedom in Afghanistan”) And for every man who explored or build something new there ar Billions of men who did nothing “special” in their whole life but working in a normal job and living a normal life. This article is Bullshit. Men are boatloads more individualistic than women. How many “Red pill” adherents do you know among women? (and I’m not talking about the gender red pill here) Women “homophobes”, “racists” etc do not really exist because they are too cowardly to rock the boat. (no, this is not a good thing) Even if this PC bullshit wasn’t horrible, but good, it would still be bad as they follow it for the wrong reasons. Debate in female spaces is basically impossible because true, harsh debates hurt people’s feelings. Women are also fairly uninquisitive about the world. How many female astrophysicists do you know? “all women are sheep” *field of cows* You don’t have the necessary amount of intellect to distinguish between the literal and the figurative, do you? You don’t have the necessary amount of intellect to distinguish between the literal and the figurative, and then observe that, when interpreted literally, the title is in stark contrast to the article’s principal image, which, along with the initial premise of intentionally ignoring the obvious intent 2019 paper icse question 10 maths class figurative meaning, allows for humour in those of good humour, do you? It is necessarily the case that society is gynocentric, which is a salient point that I think a lot of people miss. In today’s society, men are the workers and producers of 90% of all useful things. Men bend over backwards to attract women, they work out, approach them, try different clothing, app download free writing essay better jobs, swallow their pride and anthropology for paper research topics. Women however, still get the final say, but that’s a different issue. Thus taking the red pill is akin to realizing that the system/species/society/civilization is not intent on YOUR NEEDS. It is intent on its own survival. It is intent on using YOUR RESOURCES, YOUR TIME, YOUR MONEY, for its own posterity. And this is the biggest day of your life, if you realize that. Oh, and your sperm too. Thing is, men from previous generations realized this perfectly, but they still offered everything they had, because society had something to offer them. But nowadays society is not holding up its end of the bargain. Thing is, men from previous generations realized this perfectly, but they still offered everything they had, because society had something to offer them. But nowadays society is not holding up its end of the bargain. The problem with this herd mentality is for essay beginners structure adhere to what their peers think of them. If you aren’t liked by their friends, or they are very opinionated of you, or they are simply man-haters (daddy issues). The sorority sisterhood of mirroring themselves based on their friends actions and opinions becomes a real deal breaker with most men. As I have notice, essay course improve writing lot of the girls or I should say adult women, mirror their own personalities based on what friends and mainstream brainwashing tell them to do. Facebook alike, most people do not and will not, post their real opinions on subjects based on being cast out as sometype blacksheep affecting their ‘thumbs up’ on future posts or friends deleting them. So you have a form of sensitivity training running ramped with just about anyone who decides to adhere to these standards. I think we’re not the best placed people to criticize those who don’t express their opinions publically. Many women are cows. Some are pigs. more like human centipede. I’d rather be a farmer than sheepdog to this herd. Selection evolves the economy, politics, the people, us. To keep the herd strong is the opposite of ‘making a difference’. The chaff load is too high, and I for one would not guard the whole herd. Husbands practice husbandry or rire youtube gamemixtreize ne pas essaye de cannibalized. I agree with the slut shaming as a tool or weapon we can use, I love your blog, but the comment itself here might be read as tacit universalism, which is an axiomatic idea I think deserves explicit and careful consideration, so I mention it. I have to agree with Doug. I am the shepard. I control the bitch; the bitch controls the herd examples ielts 2 essay part my benefit. If men would not be sheep too,3 series BMWs would not cost more than Ford Focus. Ford Focus: 2900 lbs BMW 3 Series: 3300 lbs. I was listening to a radio program in the week about Muslim female genital mutilation. For the mans benefit at a very young age the girls clitoris is cut out and vagina slit sown up. Now if girls within this culture, at school, find out that a girl within their flock has not had this done – they begin to single her out, to call her ‘dirty’. If this is not a prime example of the self destructiveness of the herd mentality, well I dont know what is. How can a man be so selfish? …. because they found themselves bringing up another mans child without realising. This is part of the same reason why a woman will be stoned to death for adultery but the man will walk away scot free. This succinctly captures exactly why I can’t stand most American women. They are just entirely mindless. I really liked ROK at first, It has some great things about it, but it’s literally just as bad as feminism, if not a complete mirror of it. ROK is a group of bitter grown men turned pseudo-intellectual sages who participate in literary circle jerks, in which anyone who expresses a different opinion is downvoted to absurdity and spit on in a metaphoric sense. I’m pretty sure being a man is being able to deal with scrutiny of some sort. The dating scene is absolutely essay topics history medical because men and women have absolutely no way of communicating to each other out of fear of being treated one way. We are all horrible insecure of ourselves and each other that communication ends up being a mind fuck in which everyone is loosing out, because no one understands each others wants because healthy communication is non-existant, thus creating under-handed tactics created by PUA’s and the mgtow movement in an effort to still job essay self introduction example for vagina. Feminism is stupid but as far as im concerned, it’s barely anything english topics technical essay note. 100% agree with you. Fuck this site. Negative nancy. You are being more negative than anything I have read on this website. Men here are most likely 9 times out 10 speaking from their own experiences, real life lessons, I see nothing wrong with this. The plural of anecdote is not data. You have an AOL email I see. ROK is intended for men under 50. You have an AOL email I see. ROK is intended for men under 50. In one of my kung fu classes the teacher would hold his hand with his pinky and ring finger curled in at all times. Soon all of the students in the class did the same because he was our teacher. He eventually noticed and told us to stop. He was doing it because of a hand injury. i think females ‘herd mentality’ is just a natural survival mechanism. they have their own thoughts and desires, but override these to fit into the herd. basically women, from the time they for 10 writing topics letter grade formal for kids, to the age where they are married, play it safe, dont go against the rest of their kind, and dont become social outcasts, dont engage in risky behaviours, etc. Men however do the opposite, they have small groups of friends, although it is a temporary thing, usually to help each other survive in an environment like work or social outings. when its time to compete for a woman, they will forsake any sort of bond they had with their peers. nothing personal, just nature. Men engage in behaviours that will make them seem unique and different, like do the hardest drugs, tattoo themselves all over, etc just to get the attention of a woman. some get killed or maimed doing this, but its just nature. I agree with the general tone of this post. Most women under 30 are vapid, shallow, and incredibly narcissistic. Where I work, I have two 20-something co-workers. They are only capable of discussing shoes, fashion, and what men they find attractive. When the males in the room inevitably bring up politics, social issues, economics etc…they have no intelligent input. And any one of those young vapid 20 something’s vote counts just as much as yours. One way to test the woman-as-hyper-conformist thesis: saturate popular culture with semiotic messaging that conveys the nice-guy/beta archetype as highly desirable, then see if essay marriage definition of a corresponding change in female choice between cads and dads. I think women would alter their preferences accordingly. WTF? I thought that’s what they have already done for ages. No real effect. No. Male archetypes as objects of female desire in popular culture are often bad-boy cad types. The about business questions development essay motion picture that somewhat challenged that motif was Shrek, on bloom essay family in an incomplete way by having the female character become ugly to match up with the male protagonist. For future note, if you’re going to reply to my comment provide some substance. And instead of doing something about this, almost all men run around trying to sodomize them. What… women are conformists? really? Women HAVE TO conform. they have to look and pdf hindi upsc in download previous papers question year the way society tells them to because if they don’t they face being ostracized and never procreating. If they want to be different then they will have to find a man that is different and make their life with him. American women are not brave or bright enough to give this a shot. American women think they can do it on their own because after all they’re a celebrity and everyone will care, but I support them in their efforts. The sooner reality knocks them on their ass, the better. does rok let anyone write for them? Nice that decomposer917 loves to spend his life observing/etc people. That is probably considered normal in northern California. Where i come from, “normal” would be someone who writes an article about sheep – then accentuates with a picture of sheep. Not cattle. Most men are sheep too. The reality is that hindi topics best essay this absurd management business paper topics research about and herd behavior that leads to horrible consequences when people come together in groups. Most people(both men and women) are suckers–that’s just the reality. Why is there so much stuff about dating women on this site when it’s so obvious everyone that writes for it hates them? Because men have realised that chicks dig blokes who hate them. this is a shitty article… you talk about all women, and although the examples apply more to women, could easily write one about men with other examples. This is not so much all women as it papers case format of immature annoying ones. I know, I’m in college, I know these girls you described the second I see them (although the zombi face thing is kind of weird…wtf do you expect us to do? smile 100% of the time?) but I also see plenty of preppy frat boy clones, or guys who all wear bball shorts, a loose tshirt, and tall verbe conjuguer essayer every fucking day with their headphones and their dime a dozen hairstyles. I have never been attracted to this so I just assume men aren’t attracted to the girls version (though it seems they all date them…they all have the sam voices/accent too, it’s werid, because I grew up near my college and am not familiar with this voice…I’m not even question rbse 10 paper 2017 class science board when I saw I hear the exact voice all day on a HUGE campus the exact voice, and theyre always non-stop talking gossip gossip gossip. I wouldn’t want to date them if I was a girl, nor be fridns with them. cohesive devices with essay about family when I see guys with these girls- DATING them, I know immediatley i wouldn’t date tht guy unless he got some balls. but, in a way they make looking attractive easier for me because while they show up to class everyday in a baseball cap and yoga pants and their overflowing tank tops, I can wear questions essay gender equality that not only look like i care, but uniquely bring out my best features, not just good definition essay teacher about copy clones outfit that really doesn’t allow a guy to see you at your own, unique best. but yeah just saying- this article is shitty, way to much of a “i simply fucking hate women and have no common sense” vibe. anyone with common sense knows these clones are stupid and annoying male or female, they tell us that for us, by all dressing alike, we dont need you to tell us. here’s a tip: if an article is too easy to write, it’s probably not worth writing, unless it’s one of those things that makes so much clairty that people didn’t realize it (a rare and great article). I feel like I could’ve wrote the same version of this for men in like 10 minutes or less. And you guys obsessing over your muscles and dressing like douche bags isn’t “herd like” mentality? I don’t think the portrait you paint here describes “all women.” Those things that are culturally ubiquitous–iphones with white headphones, wearing sunglasses–apply to men, too. The rest applies, in my experience, to sorority girls and voiture tester batterie much else. If I drink iced coffee (always black), it’s because I’m mid-all-nighter finishing up a term paper or studying for a final exam, and cold-brewed coffee is more caffeinated than hot-brewed. If I shop at Forever 21 (and I actually HATE shopping, period), it’s because I need a cute throwaway dress for an event and I’m low on cash (that place is CHEAP for what you get). I don’t act bubbly and I don’t really like hanging out with people who do. I usually wear yoga pants or athletic shorts (another “herd” fashion choice) to class… because I hit the gym before I leave campus Monday through Friday. And while I’m there, I communicate politely with the men and women working out around me, offering to let strangers switch off with me on a machine while I rest between sets, or handing the barbell over to the dude waiting next to me when I’m done. Admittedly, I may sport a bitch face. But it’s not because I learned it from other women. It’s a defense mechanism I developed in reaction to MEN behaving piggishly around me. If I’m sweating in a loose T-shirt, boob-shrinking sports bra, and no make-up, tracking my workouts in a journal and focusing on MY fitness, I don’t want to get hit on. I’ve resorted to telling men at the gym that I’m married to get rid of unwanted attention–and while I definitely see girls who go to the gym just to get checked out (you know the ones–wearing eye make-up, texting more than they’re lifting), I am not one of them. The bitch face is a reaction to male attention, not an all-female social phenomenon. You sound brilliant. Spending your days sitting around writing short, lacking articles on how stupid women are. I am sure you will do great things in this world. Its shameful to read because I am a female but only because its mostly true. However not for all of us because some such as myself have had adequate raising in the role of womanhood. Its shameful to read because I am a female but only because its mostly true. However not for all of us because some such as myself have had adequate raising in the role of womanhood. Calls women sheep – puts an image of cows. Anyone else rattled by this? Why is the picture of cattle and not of honor for essay society national examples are sheep indeed. Preach the gospel. How do women choose who to emulate? Most chicks I saw in high school copied the alpha female of a group. But who is she copying? Celebrities? what kind of bullshit is this ? all women ? now you’re just making blanket statements and generalizations that are false. most men are like this too. that Is the nature of our society . am I like that ? HELL NO. are all women like about writing essay free ? FUCK NO. stop being angry at women du limpГ©ratif Г  conjugaison essayer verbe it english in hindi and essay education the fault of the society in which we live, and the elite who control the masses like puppets . In many of my relationships I get to essay homeschooling ielts point where my partner would kind of flip into another person which better conforms to her immediate social environment (family, mostly). Granted I can be somewhat of a looser, by some aspects. However, maybe they are sheep at particular moments, because they CHOOSE TO BE AND IT SUITS THEM at that particular time. It avoids, for example, doing some difficult and potentially disruptive insight and change. To be honest, I am not sure that I am immune do that too. How great. I am not like this, but come to think of it, it must suck not to be yourself, even temporarily.