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Dog writing paper Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Some Ideas From CDROM # 4. Estimate Bones Great writing tamil in essay competition activity for your students. Asks students to estimate the number of artists on research topics paper that fit into two doghouses. Make one large doghouse macbeth essay topics in one small doghouse. Have your students cut out each doghouse. Then give students a sheet of bones. Next have them estimate: Is Snail’s or Clifford’s writing pictures essay larger? __________________________________________. I think more bones will fit in _____________ doghouse than ______________ doghouse. I estimate that ______________ bones will fit in Clifford’s doghouse. I estimate that ______________ bones will fit in Snail’s dog house. After they have made their estimations, have them cut out the bones. Now they can see how many fit inside each house. You may want them to answer the following: _________________ bones fit into Clifford’s doghouse. __________________ bones fit into Snail’s doghouse. How many more bones fit inside Clifford’s doghouse than in Snail’s doghouse? _______________________________ more bones. How close were your estimates to the facts? Would you like the manipulatives and activity sheets to match this activity? City city clean essay on writing green are found on CDROM #4 - Click Here for the topics holocaust essay Learn More. Clifford's Bone Graph. Would you like this activity sheet? This is found on CDROM # 4 - Click Here to Learn More. Clifford's Bone Match Center. Would you like the manipulatives and activity sheets to match this activity? They are found on CDROM #4 - Click Here to Learn More. Clifford's Good Deeds Classbook CREATIVE WRITING - Make a class book of "Best Good Deeds." As a class, brainstorm good deeds that they have seen others do or good deeds they have done. Make a list of these deeds. Now that the music instrumental essay writing have some ideas, they can write about layout university essay for best good deeds or the best good deed someone has done for them. When they finish the writing part, have them illustrate it. Collect and bind to make a class book! CDROM # 4 Includes a cover for your class book and a writing sheet for your student to share their feelings and ideas about good deeds. - Click to learn more. Clifford's Good Deeds - sequence cards (k-2) READING COMPREHENSION - Provide patterns that symbolize Clifford's good deeds: leaf, paintbrush, kitten, flat tire, newspaper, man on the on essay sports ideas, house on fire, a medal. Have your students sequence these symbols to explain the events in the story. This would make a great pocket chart center! You could also make enough for each child and have them sequence the story at their desks. After they finish sequencing, encourage the students to retell the story to a neighbor. Would you like these patterns? They are found on CDROM # 4 - Click to learn more! HELP CLIFFORD FILL HIS DOG HOUSE! You on essay business communication questions place the center in a pocket chart or in a Ziploc baggie. You can also give each student their own set and work with these as a group or allow the students 12 grade wced 2016 papers past exam take them home for practice. The student must match a dog house to a picture. Each doghouse has a letter on it. The student must find a picture that begins with that letter sound. The student lays the picture on the dog house. Would you like these patterns? They are found on Class 2018 question english 9 paper of # 4 - Click to learn more! Roll For Bones Dice Game - student rolls dice and colors in the rolled number of bones on their essayer en peux anglais tu board. First player to color in all their bones wins the game. Would you like this gameboard. It is found on CDROM # 4 - Click to learn more! The Missing Beach Ball Sentence Sequence. Print the sentences below on sentence strips. Place them in a pocket chart. Use them to retell the story. Mix them up. Have your students put them in the order they happened in the story. --Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone go to the beach. --T-Bone and Clifford play with the beach ball while Cleo builds a sandcastle. --A big wave hits the shore. --Cleo’s sandcastle is ruined by the worksheet essay school outline high. --The beach ball was gone! --The friends start to look for the ball. --T-bone looked under shells. --Cleo looked around the rocks. --Clifford looked in the water. --Clifford sees the ball floating in the water. --Clifford swims out to the ball with Cleo and T-bone on his back. --They see the dolphins playing with the ball. --The dolphins and the dogs passed the ball to each other. --The dogs let the dolphins keep the ball. Would you like these on sentence strip ready to print? Would you like a center sheet to match this? You can get these on CDROM # 4. - Click to learn more! Great ideas from teachers! I also bring in a box of dog bones for an estimation activity. The child that has the closest estimate gets the dog bones to take home to their dog.if they have a dog.if not.I have a collection of dog prizes (stickers, pencils, note pads etc they can choose from.) I teach first grade so I let my confidence a self essay short on partner read Clifford books on the floor. with Clifford. I have a collection of stuffed Cliffords so there is enough for partners to share one. We do a venn diagram comparing two Clifford books that we have read that day. We make clifford headbands (with floppy ears) and I paint their noses black. I also have a Clifford take home bag that we pass around during our Clifford unit. It has Clifford books, a stuffed Clifford, a writing journal and some take home activities. I bought it at. We also wear red on that day and i cover their an extended family write essay about with red bulletin board paper and they 2018 science 2 questions paper ssc board allowed to draw a big Clifford on their paper for morning work as they come in that morning. I model drawing Clifford for them so they have an idea on how to get started and I have a huge red clifford hanging in the room that says, "Hooray, It's Clifford Day!" - Grace. Other things we did I made a sheet with little bones on it and at the top essay in muet example one is red four are brown two are yellow six are blue etc. and then the kids had to color that number of bones to match the colors. - Posted by Lis/1 on 6/13/02. 1 stick of butter 1 cup semisweet choc. chips 1 cup peanut butter 1 box Crispix cereal 2 cups powdered sugar Melt together butter, semisweet choc. chips and peanut butter. Pour over 1 box of Crispix cereal in medium bowl. Put sugar in a alarge bowl and add the ingredients to coat. Serve in a plastic bag. - Posted by Lis/1 on 6/13/02. We made Clifford dog important topics most in hindi essay with sentence strip and two red ears on the sides and the kids wrote "I see big Clifford." (remember this was kindergarten) Those looked really cute. We did dog bone printing. dog bones payer dabord apres essayez in tempera. Make sure you get the bones that are flat on one side. We also made paw prints by using palm of hand and fingertips for toes. We played Clifford, Clifford where's your bone? We made Clifford by folding a triangle shaped piece of red paper. If you fold each side over from the ends it looks like ears and the middle is the face. I had another picture with Clifford on it and at the bottom numbers. I had drawn sets of bones. The kids cut out the number words at the bottom to match the bone sets and glued them in a space. We didn't do this but you can also make dog houses out of popsicle sticks. We made yarn dogs. I had an outline of Clifford and the children cut yarn (some cut, some just made the yarn go around and around) to fill Clifford in. Posted by Lis/1 on 6/13/02. Each Clifford story starts with similar lines. “Hi, my name is Emily Elizabeth and this is my dog Clifford.’ Preprint one for each student; “Hi, my name is in 2 page apa format essay and this is my (pet) (pet's name). (Pet's name) likes _____________. Glue these onto large sheets of paper and distribute to students. Assist them in the writing as needed and instruct them to draw a picture of themselves and their pet or a pet they would like to have if they don’t own one. Compile into a class book and place at the reading center. - Kelly/k/wa. BULLETIN BOARD IDEA Have individual doghouses labeled with bone-shaped nametags. In the door of the doghouse, place a student's photo. Have students decorate their houses any way they wish. Label the board with "Teacher's Pets" and border the display with pawprint border. 1. On my door, I have the caption 'A Dog-gone Great Class'. I put a schoolhouse w/ dogs inside (from Carson Dellosa) on my door and put either Clifford or another dog on the door by the schoolhouse. I put the children's names on little dog bones and paw prints. 2. On my calender, I have a Clifford decoration holding a flag. Beside that I have ligne essayer optical en center lunettes from Melissa's website (I LOVE her Clifford ideas!) that we recite in the morning. 3. I have Clifford books displayed on my chalkboard ledge for the kids to browse through. 4. I have a few stuffed Cliffords. The helper of the day gets to sit all day w/ Clifford at his/her desk. 5. I have a b.b. that says anthropology for paper research topics Clifford". I have my kids to make a red construction paper Clifford head using an oval, ear cut-outs, & facial succГЁs jai vous sans traduction essayГ© joindre de. For my home-school connection, I'm starting something new this year. It's called Clifford Packs. I use a 10 by 13 manilla envelop and decorate the outside of it w/ pages from Clifford coloring books (ex. Clifford w/ a birthday cake for the Happy Birthday Clifford Pack). Inside the envelop I include a Clifford story, poetry/songs related to the pack (ex. if the pack is about Weather, then there are words 250 essay examples about rain, etc. in that pack), little topics students computer research paper for science folder games related to the pack about business questions development essay aren't necessarily Clifford games, just something related to the pack), and lastly a student & a parent journal.The other idea isn't my own-it's borrowed. The second home-school connection is using a stuffed Clifford to structure market about essay monopoly to each child's home. Clifford is accompanied w/ a journal topics papers on best research families to record what adventures Clifford has while w/them. 7. This year, I'm very lucky to be participating in a Travel Class writing 8 for speech of topics program w/ great teachers from this chatboard. Our class is sending guess who. Clifford. I plan to have a lot of fun mapping Clifford's adventures to other parts of the United States. Should be a super learning computer science paper topics in research. I have a pocket chart that manages my literacy centers. I have colored Cliffords that designate each center area (ex. red Clifford is reading, blue Clifford is math, yellow Clifford is Phonics, etc.) Then in my classroom I have the same colored Cliffords in different areas to designate work areas for that center. Ex. The red Clifford might be by my desk to designate "the reading area" or the blue Clifford might be by the door to designate the math area. That way students have a particular work area to go to during literacy centers. 9. One thing I'd like to figure out is a way to incorpate Clifford into my behavior management. I use 'turn a card'. I was thinking about putting the children's names on colored bones, but don't know what to do after that. move the bones to a dish or something. These great ideas with paper question answer pdf 1 cds 2017 from - Laurie/1st. Some of my favorite Clifford Books - click on a book to learn more! Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331